"I would definitely recommend these classes and coaching. By using the tools learned, I'm able to understand my friends, family members and myself at lot better. I grew up in a difficult home, which translated into how I viewed myself and those I came into contact with. I didn't realize how much stress and anger can splinter into so many areas of my life. I always thought I was justified. Until, I took these classes. Philippa helped me understand that it is ok to have feelings of stress and anger and that there are healthy ways to get through them. I also did some individual coaching where I had one-on-one coaching with Philippa on my communication styles. She has a very nurturing style of communicating, which brings comfort when going through such sensitive issues. You can feel Philippa's passion and dedication to helping others live a better life. I loved her classes and coaching" — Rebecca  

"My experience with these class blew me away! I don’t think I’ve ever taken a more helpful, practical class on not only finding more useful ways to identify my anger issues, but also how to deal with them responsibly. Before taking this class I would come away from bad conflicts feeling bothered and struggling with my emotions. Through using the tools this program taught, I now have a more effective way to calm myself down, process my thoughts and feelings, and engage in hard conversations. One major victory from taking this class was having a very assertive conversation with my Dad in language that honored him and me as well. (I had struggled in trying to have this conversation for years!) Philippa is an experienced and gifted teacher and coach – she conducts this class from knowledge of physiological as well as psychological principles, her own experiences in anger, as well as practical tools to demonstrate how to have effective results in communication. This class truly is one-of-a-kind and much more than an anger management course – it is also a “change-how-you-know-and-see-yourself” class." 
— Karen 

"I highly recommend this Stress and Anger Management Class! We learned very specific, helpful skills to handle stress and conflict. We practiced the skills in real life and each of us had the opportunity to reflect on how we planned to handle, and then how we did handle, a touchy situation. Developing these skills gave me confidence to be a more caring person, both to myself and others, in difficult interactions . The group was very supportive. Philippa is a lively, caring teacher and coach, who brings a wealth of real-life experience to the class. She uses a thoughtfully designed curriculum that guides us in understanding ourselves in more depth." —  L.F.   

"Tools4Anger class and the assertive coaching offered so much more than I imagined. I learned wonderfully effective communication techniques which help take emotion out of a conversation, making my conversations a lot more effective in difficult interactions. I also learned easy to use stress management exercises, how to remind myself that someone else's bad behavior does not have to affect my mood, and what it means to truly love and appreciate my strengths and attributes. As a group and in individual coaching, we discussed what makes me angry - not from a superficial "specific situation" perspective, but rather fundamentally, what needs are not being met in my life that cause me to react with anger. I've recommended this course and the coaching to almost every person I know!"   
— Melinda P. 

"Philippa's class was an eye-opening experience, bringing to light many areas of communication and relating to others. This information was very relevant, helpful and insightful, and Philippa's facilitation is what made the class so effective. Her passion for the subject, is obvious: she created the materials/ workbook, has taught this in many settings, and knows what she is talking about. This primary passion ignites the group, as she forms a safe place to work out scenarios and problems, implementing the new skills. It was a great experience and learning process, and I continue to utilize the tools I learned there in my day to day interactions."  — Sophia 

"I have done a lot of work on myself but nothing has stayed with me like the classes that Philippa taught. I learned some very practical ways that seemed to be tailor made for my personality. Phillipa's ways of being with us in class was safe & the tools she used brought out our genuine selves so to speak. I highly recommend taking this class for the tools used and definitely for Philippa's way of teaching it- an excellent combination. Things have 'grown into me' like no other class or book I've read. I will take this class again; it's really like the best therapy one can go to!!"   — Susan G 

"The coaching really made an impact on me. I would recommend this type of coaching to anyone needing assistance on managing anger, stress or being assertive. Philippa is the best"  — Johnny R. 

"We are a home and program for women returning to society from jail or prison, women who have decided to change their lives. Learning to manage their anger in fruitful ways is an important and empowering gift. Philippa's manner is calm, respectful, and well-received by our residents. She is a great teacher and coach and we are most grateful.”  — Bear Brown, Program Assistant at SVdP’s Catherine Center, SF 

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“For those fortunate enough to sit under Philippa's teaching and coaching, 
the experience can be life-changing. She is a clear thinker and a passionate advocate 
for self-improvement. 
She is able to skillfully communicate complex 
and sensitive ideas to a wide range of listeners. 
Her message is of 
benefit to all.” 

— David M.
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