When stressed or angry, our brains get ‘flooded’. This flooding of emotions overwhelms our thinking and can seem as though our brains have been hijacked by intense feelings. In this state it is easy to become anxious or depressed, or to react inappropriately, hurting relationships and eroding confidence.

Our emotions can have a significant effect on the way we communicate. Are any of these harmful patterns familiar to you?

• Do you use profanity or insulting speech?
• Are you often critical or generally pessimistic?
• Do you struggle with resentfulness?
• Do you store up frustrations?
• Do you have a ‘short fuse’ in conversation?
• Do you try to avoid confrontation?
• Are you defensive?

In the Tools4Anger program you will learn how emotions affect communication within relationships, and come away with new and practical techniques to reduce anger and stress. You will gain increased social awareness, confidence in dealing with difficult personality types, and the ability to be appropriately assertive. You will also learn to control your internal conversations, set personal limits and boundaries, clearly state personal needs, and set realistic expectations. At the completion of the program you will have a new understanding of yourself and those around you.

“Without an individualized plan for anger management, your emotions resemble the actions of a pin ball in an arcade, bouncing from one poorly conceived response to the next.”  — Dr. Les Carter, The Anger Trap

The Tools4Anger program is a combination of upbeat group interaction, workbook exercises, and visual presentations, all designed to be engaging and enlightening. Participants receive a certificate upon completion of the program. Our program brings freedom and relief to those struggling with anger or burdened by stress, and provides valuable skills for living and working, in personal and business environments.

The Tools4Anger program is designed to equip participants with tools to reduce anger and stress, providing alternatives to habitual negative reactions. It is available for individuals, couples, families, court-referred, business professionals, and anyone who is ready for freedom from anger and has a desire for healthy communication.

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Anger Management
T O O L S 
W E  E X P L O R E :

 Stress Management

• Anger Triggers

• Damaging Ways to Communicate

• Delivering & Receiving Messages

• Knowing your Needs

• Positive Relationship 
with Ourselves

• Assertive Behavior

• Time-Outs

• Forgiveness

 Gratitude, Happiness
L E A R N  V A L U A B L E 
S K I L L S :

• Understand personal limits and be clear about personal needs

• Honor and respect 
self and others in communication

• Dynamically adjust attitude and behavior 
and regulate emotions

• Understand physical responses to stress

• Build confidence to enhance communication with the people around you
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