Everyone is familiar with stress. It’s a normal psychological and physical reaction to the demands of life. In small doses, stress can actually be beneficial to us. It can help us perform under pressure, give us the energy we need, and motivate us to be at our best. Yet when we are continually under stress and our bodies are constantly running in this mode, it starts to affect our physical and mental performance, causing us to be burned out — mentally or emotionally drained.

Managing our stress is about regaining power: by controlling our thoughts and emotions; setting limits on our schedules; making positive changes in our relationships; and changing the environments we live or work in. In order to hold up under the pressures of our days and meet the challenges head on, we need stress management tools. 

Our classes offer practical and creative ways to cope with stress by:  

• Identifying the sources of our stress
• Daily tools to cope with stress
• Healthy responses to stressful relationships
• Focusing on personal needs to function effectively
• Management of time and setting limits
 Dealing with Negative Self-Talk

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Stress Management
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C R E A T I V E   W A Y S  
T O   C O P E  
W I T H   S T R E S S :  

• Identifying sources 
of our stress: physical, relational, situational, environmental

• Daily tools to cope 
with stress: meditation, breathing exercises, art therapy, diet, exercise

• Healthy responses to 
stressful relationships

• Focusing on personal 

• Management of time 
and setting limits

• Dealing with Negative      Self-Talk

• Gratitude, Happiness